I have an avid interest in new technologies and applications for motion media and animation, which has led me to experiment with virtual reality. The following videos are works in progress of translating chapters of my thesis into virtual reality.


There are three ways to watch:

  1.  If you have a virtual reality headset, navigate to the video (a link to my channel is posted below) and take a look at the full experience in stereoscopic 360 degrees! 

  2. If you are using a smartphone (or a Cardboard headset), open your youtube app and search for Alex Davidson CG to find the videos, then move your phone around to view the environments.

  3. If you are on a computer, make sure you're using Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser, then play the videos below and click and drag on the screen to view the surroundings. Click on the gear icon and make sure 2160s (4K) is selected for the best quality!

CLICK HERE for a link to my Youtube channel.