I've always had an avid interest for abstract and experimental works. The following pieces are a collection of personal projects and schoolwork that span across various media and reflect my passion for the strange and conceptual. In them, I've explored shifting abstract forms, unconventional narrative and process, and the relationship between the visual and the auditory.


Quanta is a piece inspired by my interest in quantum physics. Playing with the idea of a metronome as a tool to measure relative time, I instead had it become a vehicle of relative space as it journeys through a series of abstract landscapes with every tick of its pendulum. Made with Cinema 4D and After Effects.

Cameraless Film

In the tradition of Stan Brakhage and other cameraless filmmakers, this piece was made by scratching and painting directly onto film stock. Exacto knives, sandpaper, sharpies, ink of India, and anything I could find lying around the house were utilized in the making of this project. The footage was then captured, composited, and manipulated in Adobe Premiere and edited to the harsh, frenetic music of Crystal Castles.


Hypnos is an experimental video made by abstracting live action video footage. In it, I explore shape, color, and motion by deconstructing the forms of the real world and reconstructing them into dream-like imagery. I've included sample stills from the source footage below.

Samples of source footage

Finalized Film


This project is an experiment in visual music. Starting from an electronic music composition, I sought to create visuals that synesthetically express how the different tones interact with each other.


A short rotoscope project traced over footage from the film J'ai tué ma mère (2009). I've included stills from the original film below. Done in Photoshop.

Samples of source footage

Finalized Film